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  • Ideal for social gatherings and family time
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"Where has this thing been my entire life?"

This awesome wooden slingshot board game is a must-have for every family. The Slinger™ by Atlasio is a fun, fast paced, and strategic board game to play with and spend quality time with family and friends. 

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how to play!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

step 1

Place 5 same-colored pucks on each side.

step 2

Place one puck on the string and aim for the puck to go through the gap. Then pull and release.

step 3

Start playing and have fun! Whoever slings all of their pucks to the other side wins!

Get the adrenaline going

Filled with non-stop thrills and sporty action, the Slinger™ gets your heart racing and is usually completed within 3-5 minutes. It's as competitive as air hockey or foosball, but in a smaller and more portable package!

Entertaining for all ages

The Slinger™ is incredibly fun for ages 3 and up. It's easy to learn and the rules are simple, so young players are not at a disadvantage. Kids can beat the grown ups, which makes it even more fun for everyone to play.
It also serves as a way for parents to connect with their kids and/or grandkids, keeping them away from video games for a fun and spectacular family night!

Play it anywhere you go!

The Slinger™ can be played indoors, on the beach, or be enjoyed at a park or anywhere where you have at least two people and a flat surface. Bring it with you to a party, the pub, family gatherings, on camping trips, and can also be a great addition to outdoor BBQs!

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Jessica M.

This was a birthday present for my 9 year old. I have to say it is even more fun that I thought it would be, even I enjoy playing it. Basically you have this elastic band and you catapult the plastics disc through a small hole in the middle of the game board. You start going really fast trying to beat your opponent and get all of the discs on the other side of the board first. Super fun! 

Loretta C.

Such a fun game and perfect for our big family! We rotated out who played whom in between fixing plates, doing dishes, cleaning up, and getting dressed. Great incentive! 

Gary W.

We have been looking for more games to get our kids out of the room and interacting with others. We picked a winner!! This game is an intense fast paced game for the family, young and old. We also bring it out when we have company. There is always a line to play the winner haha!

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