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Window Projector

Christmas & Halloween Holographic Projector

Includes 12 Movies

Create your own virtual winter wonderland playing a Christmas movie or a spectacularly spooky Halloween movie! Our projector comes with 12 movies built-in: 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween. 

Perfect for House Decoration

Our window projector is the perfect tool to decorate your home effortlessly this holiday season. The ghouls and ghosts projected are so real that you'll swear you're really being haunted!

Lifelike Experience

Our projector comes with realistic audio that syncs up with the animations for an incredibly authentic experience. Connect it to any speaker using the device's audio jack and leave your neighbors in awe!

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Transform your home into the spookiest house on the block!

Add some fun and create a spooky atmosphere in your home with the coolest and easiest to setup home décor! The Window Projector projects high-end dazzling Halloween (and Christmas) scenes right through your window, creating a spooky and creepy effect when seen from the outside.  

transform regular windows into dazzling displays

Our window projector projects high-end optical projections straight through your window from within your house. Display stunning holiday movies right in your window and amaze everyone for years to come!

easy to set-up

Install the included (4 by 6 feet) projection screen securely inside your preferred window. Point the animation on the screen, adjust the focus of the lens by rotating the silver ring, and start playing!

12 built-in movies

Watch movie scenes with just the push of a button! Our projector plays 16-second scenes and also comes with a tripod to allow for extra easy horizontal or vertical positioning of the projector.

weather resistant

Our projector has a built-in temperature-protection function. Play the projections in extreme hot or extreme cold when the temperature is anywhere between -25°C (-13°F) and 60°C (140°F)!

our customers love it!

Cassie B.

"It came way faster than I expected, and we just set it up in our dining room to test it out and decided to just keep it on because of how awesome it is! The picture quality isn’t something you’d see on TV... but then again people it’s a PROP. The whole point is for people to look at it from afar, and from afar it looks pretty good. We made it as focused as we could with the silver ring in front, and have it as far from the window as we can. Our neighbors love it so much they’re buying one too!

This is the greatest thing I’ve bought. We're so excited to use it for Christmas too! Definitely worth it for the price."

Paul R.

"It works! The camera itself is a bit flimsy but it tightens to base well. The videos are clear (once you adjust the focus). The plastic screen was a good fit for the one that I have in the video (the eyeballs) but for my big window I went to the dollar store and bought a cheap frosted shower curtain to cover the whole window.

I totally recommend this!!!"

Lesli J.

"You can adjust the focus of the picture by turning the silver wheel. It's a little bit hard to turn but it makes the picture crystal clear.

I put the projector in our master bedroom and made sure to keep the lights off in there while we're not in it... Which I suppose we should do anyway... And of course the lights are off in our room while we're in there sleeping. It looks great from the road.

I have 4 of these set to the zombie theme and my house is spooky AF. If you have a wide bay window you can put 2 side by side, DOUBLE THE ZOMBIES!"

Window Projector
Window Projector
Window Projector
Window Projector
Window Projector
Window Projector


Window Projector


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included in the box

  • 12 Movies
  • 1 Projector
  • 1 Tripod
  • 1 Charger
  • 1 Projector Screen (4 by 6 feet)

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