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"I have a bad neck and have been using the SleepPad for the last 2 nights since getting it, it's like a night and day difference from my normal pillow. It feels so great! And I can lay on my sides as well without any issue and it gives great support. Will definitely be getting more!"

Linda J.

Rated 4.8/5 by 600+ Happy Customers

Rated 4.8/5 by 673 Happy Customers

Say GOODNIGHT to neck pain

The #1 Clinically Proven Product to Reduce Neck Pain from Improper Sleep Posture

  • Improves your posture while you sleep.
  • Relieves pain in your neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Minimizes snoring & promotes blood circulation.
  • Sleep in perfect alignment & wake up pain-free!
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"I have a bad neck and have been using the SleepPad for the last 2 nights since getting it, it's like a night and day difference from my normal pillow. It feels so great! And I can lay on my sides as well without any issue and it gives great support. Will definitely be getting more!"

Linda J.

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Do you wake up each morning with pain or stiffness in your upper body and feeling sleep-deprived? You're not alone.

Poor sleep posture can lead to neck & back pains, headaches, shoulder aches, fatigue, degenerative disc/joint disease, acid reflux, migraines, sleep apnea, heartburn, numbness, TMJ, excessive snoring, and even premature wrinkles.

That's why it's important to pick the perfect pillow to improve the quality of your sleep. You spend 33% of your entire life sleeping, so we're here to make sure all those hours are as refreshing, relaxing, and comfortable as possible.

With the help of cutting-edge technology, the SleepPad™ ensures proper sleep posture all night and allows your body to completely relax, eliminating strain and giving your body less work to put you to bed. This makes sure you're fully rested, which results in improved energy levels, concentration, productivity, immune function, memory, and creativity. 

So sleep easy and wake up to a new pain-free day, everyday!

  • Perfect for all sleeping positions
  • Clinically proven
  • Not available in stores
  • Leaves warehouse within 24 hours

How does it work?


1. Order your size

Choose the size that best suits you. The main difference between the Standard and Plus sized pillows is the length and breadth. The lofts are the same height at 4".

We usually recommend the Plus-sized SleepPad™ for those who have queen or king-sized beds, larger body frames, or just want that extra cloud-space to rest their head on. 

2. Sleep everyday

Regular pillows force you to lie either too flat or at an odd angle, with your head and neck in an unnatural position.

The SleepPad™ aligns all of your spine's 31 segments and puts zero pressure on your head, neck, and spine. It works for all types of sleepers — side, back, and belly — due to its contoured design.

3. wake up pain-free

The SleepPad™ provides just the right amount of support your sleepy head has been dreaming about and ensures proper sleep posture all night.

Enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep — and eliminate back and neck pain in as little as 5 days. Guaranteed.

Don't believe us? Try it out for 30 nights risk-free.


Specially shaped by in-house ergonomists, the SleepPad™ is designed to gently cradle the head and stretch the neck, allowing the neck to maintain its natural curve to relieve pressure and promote healthy alignment for a relaxing sleeping experience. 

maximum comfort

The SleepPad snuggles your neck perfectly to add an extra layer of coziness to your snooze. It's the only pillow that instantly adapts to your head and neck for personalized, crazy cool comfort all night long, every night.

Our Pressure-Sensitive Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam hugs the curves and contours of your head and neck, and adjusts itself to your movements.

Most memory foam pillows are notorious for retaining heat - making you sweat. That's why this pillow comes with a 100% organic, hypoallergenic, and naturally breathable bamboo cover that tapers away your body heat and keeps your head and neck dry, cool, and comfortable while providing protection against dust mites


The SleepPad's ergonomic design provides therapeutic relief for sleepers with cervical pain. It allows your neck to rest perfectly in its naturally curved position, preventing any unnatural spinal alignment, which causes pain.

During back-sleeping, the SleepPad prevents your neck from tilting sideways which causes strain on your neck and shoulders, keeping it straight and aligned all night.

The 61° convex panels perfectly contour the sides of your neck, giving your spine no room for misalignment during side-sleeping.

Fall asleep faster and wake up feeling fully recharged and ready to take the day!


Improper sleep posture causes your head to dip forward and your shoulders to become slouched, which tremendously impacts your mood and emotional state.

Restoring your neck's natural curve, the SleepPad helps straighten your spine, making you appear up to 2 inches taller, giving you that confidence boost. 


Snoring is caused by a restricted airway, causing it to forcefully push the air out. This narrowed airway causes tissue vibration, which creates the terrible snoring sound.

The SleepPad is scientifically designed to keep your spine straight while you're sleeping. The 70° wedge extension relieves stress on your neck and spine, allowing your airways to expand, which maximizes airflow and decreases tissue vibration, which minimizes snoring and sleep apnea!

Real people. Real results.

Find out why our customers love our products

"I have spent so much, wasted plenty of money on pillows that did not work for me. I've been dealing with very painful neck issues to where I can hardly get through the day due to the pain. So I've been trying everything to help ease it.

So I thought, yep here we go again, figured I'd be hurting even more.....first night, I slept very well to my surprise, woke up....and all my neck pain was gone. I'm not even kidding, it ALL was gone.

Okay, this has to be just a coincidence right? So as I continue to use this, I continue to wake up with no pain. I had no idea that all my neck pain was from my pillow. WOW! I love this pillow and it is not over priced at all. I will be recommending this pillow to everyone that talks about a new pillow or neck pain."

Kevin S.

"For the past month I have not slept an entire night without interruption and last Wednesday I woke up with a stiff/painful neck that only got worse as time went on. That's when I saw this pillow and I decided to give it a try. I started using it Friday night and I slept the entire night without interruption. When I woke up Saturday morning my neck was a lot less stiff!

I've continued to use this pillow every night and I've slept every night without interruptions and the stiffness in my neck is almost completely gone.

I can honestly say that this pillow is a life changer. Since using this pillow I have not woken up once during the night and I have gotten the most restful sleep that I've had in months. The stiffness in my neck and shoulders is 99% gone and I saved money by not visiting the Chiro."

Jen A.

SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow
SleepPad™ Cervical Pillow


sleeppad™ cervical pillow


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STEP 3: Place Order

Try it out risk-free for 30 nights.

Since our customers are already happily using our pillow, we are so confident in our product that we're able to offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return it for your money back!

You can return the pillow back within 30 days of delivery for ANY reason. That means there is absolutely ZERO risk for you in buying our pillow and trying it out! If you don't like it, no hard feelings. We'll take it back.

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