Size: 16" x 11" / 41cm x 28cm

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Scratch Paintings

You've never tried painting like this!

Beginner Friendly 

The perfect hobby for any age or skill level. Just start scratching off the traced areas with the included wooden stylus and watch the painting come to life!

Perfect for House Decoration

Switch off and soothe your mind with pure relaxation. Enjoy a heart-warming sense of accomplishment as you create stunning works of art you can proudly display in your home!

The Ideal Gift

Searching for a unique, thoughtful gift for your friend, family, or loved one? Our scratch paintings are both relaxing and gorgeous, serving as the perfect two-in-one gift for anyone! 

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relaxing, calming, mesmerizing

Introducing our Hypnotic Premium Scratch Painting Sets- our magical scratching paper designs open your eyes to the world of reverse painting where you discover the true colors hidden inside the paper.

Start scratching away the layers and reveal the stunning imagery beneath!

endless options

Make your head spin from the endless decorative options these Atlasio™ Scratch Painting Sets can be used for. Trace, scratch, create beautiful imagery, and entertain yourself for hours - painting in reverse never gets old! 

Infinite ways to play - Grab the wooden stylus and start painting in reverse or start from scratch on the blank board. The possibilities are endless, just like your kid’s imagination!

Wholesome fun - These premium kits will put a smile on even the grumpiest of adult faces! Fascinate yourself and the kids with stunning creative designs to scratch on.

The ultimate choice - Start tracing and reveal the stunning colors hidden behind the gray layer. Paint the most vivid drawings using only your fingers!

No paint needed - No need for messy paints to draw on the blank board! Unleash your kid’s creativeness without having to clean the mess after. 

our customers love it!

Claire M.

I was so happy to find a coloring scratch board for adults! This is a lot of fun, exactly what is promised in the description and is a good value for the cost. I plan on buying more of the scenes available, the end result is really nice.

Christine C.

This product is amazing. I love little art activities like this but I didn't think I would enjoy them this much. This product arrived nicely packaged. Each pack has an art scratch paper and an empty black scratch paper for your own creations. These scratch art are so detailed that it takes a lot of time and patience but it's soo relaxing I love it!

Serene W.

Bought this for my friend as a birthday gift. She loves to draw and color for relaxation. She says this is the best gift she’s ever gotten! So far she’s spent 5hrs on one of them and isn’t even half way through. So definitely worth the money!! 

Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings
Scratch Paintings


scratch painting


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included in the box

  • 1 x Printed Scratch Board
  • 1 x Blank Scratch Board
  • 1 x Double-ended Bamboo Stylus
  • Board Size: 16" x 11" / 41cm x 28cm

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